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modern'jazz du 14/03/2019 au 26/07/2019 avec AGUILAR Dorine
moderne du 06/05/2019 au 10/05/2019 avec GLOANEC Priska
moderne du 13/05/2019 au 17/05/2019 avec PORTAL Carl
contemporain du 20/05/2019 au 24/05/2019 avec VIGNOULLE Manuel
contemporain du 20/05/2019 au 24/05/2019 avec LIESTAL Nick
barre au sol du 20/05/2019 au 24/05/2019 avec KEIKO
contemporain du 27/05/2019 au 31/05/2019 avec COUTSIER NICK
contemporain du 27/05/2019 au 31/05/2019 avec PLANQUES Sibille

Yoga Danse

Yoga-Dance is the encounter between two art forms that develop great body awareness (posture, axis, alignments, balance, lengthening, volume, weight/counter-weight, weight transfer, strength building, core strength, flexibility, gaze, breath control, dynamics, movement quality, oppositions, directions, spacial awareness, sense of rhythm, musicality, isolation and globality, graceful fluidity…) with a special focus on pleasure, well-being and self-expression. The Yoga-Dance class will offer different variations or combinations of postures each class. The fluid transitions, layered isolations and technical inspirations will be based on multiple styles (Contemporary, Popping, Oriental, Martial Arts, Singing, Acting… depending on the inspiration of the day). Small creative workshops may also be on the menu. All levels are welcome.

No lessons of Yoga Danse

Oops, it seems that there is no class of this style currently, but there might be a course. Nous vous invitons à consulter le planning des stages.