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22/03/2018 - 16:31

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Floor Barre

Ground Bar is a distinct technique. All class is on the floor and respects the chosen style’s basis (jazz, contemporary or classical). It develops and gives muscules reinforcement thanks to different exercises and always paying attention to all sensation. Ground bar works on flexibility and firmness. Each exercise allows to raise awareness and understand body mechanisms (being able to make the difference between a healthy or bad posture) and master one’s breathing. Consequently, this style can be considered as a first step toward dance.


Upcoming classes of Floor Barre

Saturday 25 September

All Levels


14h30 - 16h Room B

Sunday 26 September

All Levels

Karine LEVEN

14h30 - 16h Room G

All classes of Floor Barre

Jacques Aunidas

Saturday 14h30 All Levels

Karine Leven

Sunday 14h30 All Levels