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modern'jazz du 14/10/2019 au 18/10/2019 avec REDHA
moderne du 21/10/2019 au 25/10/2019 avec PORTAL Carl
contemporain fusion du 22/10/2019 au 23/10/2019 avec KIS Juliana
technique graham du 21/10/2019 au 01/11/2019 avec CROWLEY William
moderne du 28/10/2019 au 01/11/2019 avec ESCUDIER Charlotte
moderne du 28/10/2019 au 31/10/2019 avec BRUNNER Valentin
modern'jazz du 28/10/2019 au 02/11/2019 avec CARAYON Laurie
contemporain fusion du 28/10/2019 au 01/11/2019 avec TONIOL Laura

Guillaume Morgan

Guillaume trained in traditional Indian yoga and ayurvedic massage with master teacher Joyson Rozario in Paris. In 2013, he received his international Yoga Alliance diploma in Rudraprayag, northern India. When Guillaume met Joyson in 2006, yoga was a revelation to him as a dancer (Junior Ballet Contemporain du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, Company Teatri del vento, guest dancer/teacher/chorographer for the Ballet Philippines and Steps Dance Studio of Manila). It gave him the keys to a physical and spiritual discipline, allowing him to understand and practice dance differently-more endurance, flexibility, and strength with less injury. Guillaume's yoga classes are accessible to all, each student works at his own rhythm and level. Relaxation, respiration, and postures (asanas) are the 3 principles of the yoga practice. Today he works dually as dancer/choreographer and yoga instructor/masseur, spending his time between France and the Philippines. Guillaume has founded with his artistic dance partner Nicola Ayoub The International Dance Workshop in Bohol (Philippines) (, where they teach and invite some local and international dance artists. In 2015, he becomes member of the International Dance Council of UNESCO.