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moderne du 07/01/2019 au 11/01/2019 avec GLOANEC Priska
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classique du 18/01/2019 au 18/01/2019 avec PERRY Igal
contemporain fusion du 21/01/2019 au 25/01/2019 avec COLENO Lionel
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contemporain du 28/01/2019 au 01/02/2019 avec LESCURE Frédéric

Zae Northy

Born & raised in Los Angeles, Zae became involved in the Arts at an early age, joining programs such as Colors United Dance, Arts & Motion Arts Company. Years went by he started training at Edge Performing Arts under industries-recognized teachers soon become Andre Funente assistant for over five years. He later went on to assist Shawnette Heard on countless jobs as a co-choreographer & choreographer.
Becoming a faculty member at Debbie Reynolds Studios in North Hollywood for over 9 years.Teaching Jazz Funk, he’s also known for adding his own touch in his warm-ups and combos, while mixing Hip-Hop with a splash of his own unique style. Zae has worked with Artists on and off T.V shows such as Destiny’s Child, The Pussy Cat Dolls (Live Shows), Britney Spears “Mannequin”(On-Line Promo), Samantha Mumba, Pattie LaBelle, Wynter Gorden, Go’Hiromi (Japan) Aswell work on The World Music Awards, Choreographer on M.T.V’s Top Pop Group along with Shawnette Heard, How She Moves Movie promotional shows to name a few.
Working as a choreographer to Up and coming Artists, while Teaching on both coasts, as well as overseas, Zae has perfected his craft while traveling the World. He has worked with remarkable choreographers, and has adapted his teachings to his own unique style. He has become a respected choreographer, while he continues to thrive in the world of dance and pop culture.