Diego Alvarez Sanou

Independent dancer, choreographer and Costa Rican contemporary dance teacher. He began his training at
age of 19 in Olympic Gymnastics for one year, after began his training as a dancer in the Conservatory El
Barco from where he graduated in 2005 and later became a teacher and assistant director of the same
institution. From 2004 to 2009 he is part of the company called 4pelos /losdenmedium directed by Jimmy
In 2008 he traveled to Paris, France as a guest of the CND (National Dance Center) to be part of the
Pedagogic Workshop for contemporary dance teacher, for this he received a scholarship from the French
institute AEGID.
In 2010, he began to work together with Adrián Arriaga and created the project called "Colectivo Clá"
(which they hold to date) and have been invited to give different workshops and performed their work at
festivals in countries such as China, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, El Salvador and Costa Rica.
In 2013 they received a creative residency at Dance Centrum Jette and Garage29 in Brussels, Belgium, were
worked collectively with Anton Lachky (Belgium-Slovakia) and Adrián Arriaga (Costa Rica) resulting the
creation of the show called "Idea de Hombre Viejo".
In 2014 next to Lachky they initiated a second project of investigation and creation in Costa Rica obtaining
a residence in the Space for the Dance “Veintinueve Cuatro”, for that project they invited the Costa Rican
dancers Estefanía Dondi, Leo Aguirre, Bryan Chavarría and the German dancer Tina Halford.
For 2014 with Collective Clá they received the award “Best Dance Company 2014” for their work inside and
outside the country as well as their contribution to the training and developed of the Costa Rican dance.
Together with his brothers he started different collaborative projects within the project called Tres
Hermanos. These projects consist of workshops, choreographies or exchanges in the Central American
region. Within these collaborations, he works with the National Dance Company of El Salvador, the Gema
Danza Independent Company of El Salvador, the Nicaraguan School of Dance in Managua and the Steps
Academy in Panama both within the training program for professional dancers as well as workshops for
their dancers and in the project called ENLACES, a program that works with children from social risk areas.
In addition, with Tres Hermanos they realized investigations and choreographic creations that present in
the Central American region and Mexico.
2013- 2015. Within his collaborations in Costa Rica, he works with Tres Hermanos with the alternative
space for the performing arts "Grafica Génesis", where they create and co-ordinate two alternative
festivals "A Puro Cuerpo" and "Solos Hechos a Mano", a space for emerging or consecrated artists can
present their work in addition to offering another training space with national or international artists
He is a teacher-co-director of the REVES Dance Encounter (Latin American Encounter that happens in Costa
Rica throughout the month of January offering workshops all day with different teachers) in which he
imparts his FULL BODY workshop.
In 2016 he is invited to work with the company Ultima Vez (Belgium) in the cast of "Speak low if you Speak
love" where also he is asking to teach to the Ultima Vez crew.
For February 2017 with Tres Hermanos and Collective Clá they are invited by the company Pájaro Mosca
(Mazatlán) to lead a month of research of movement within the project called "Bitácora en Común", which
involves different dancers and independent choreographers from Mexico.
Within the framework of the Choreographers Festival of the National Theater of Costa Rica receive the first
prize in the years 2010, 2011. In addition to the prize for the creation of original music.
My research projects and workshops will encompass movement and the body as a creative instrument of
infinite options. The open body to stimuli, influenced basic principles of gravity, weight, space, time and
freedom. A body as a map of the path and history of each person, unique in that the dancer is not a copy
to any other but a creator and interpreter. Conversation, dialogue, research and meeting new artists is
fundamental for the creation and constant development. Knowing and sharing artists and people of the
world is the best experience we can get.
Within my workshops you can work sequences and physical classes directed to a specific movement or on
the improvised research with fixed search premises or simply free with the desire of body in movement ....
train the body looking for the most compact point and the most larger point.