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acrobaties du 11/11/2018 au 16/12/2018 avec RAUL "Le Clown Brésilien"
moderne du 12/11/2018 au 16/11/2018 avec RIONDA Clémence
cabaret talons du 16/11/2018 au 16/11/2018 avec EBONY Tenille
classique du 12/11/2018 au 16/11/2018 avec MATT Christopher
modern'jazz du 18/11/2018 au 18/11/2018 avec ANSART Vincent
moderne du 18/11/2018 au 18/11/2018 avec BRUNNER Valentin
assouplissement du 18/11/2018 au 18/11/2018 avec BRAL Robert
contemporain du 19/11/2018 au 23/11/2018 avec CANNATA Elita

Tine Aspaas

Tine Erica Aspaas graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway where she now works as an assosiate proffessor. and has continued her education and development in New York, Los Angeles, Israel, Italy, Netherland.
She has been a much sought after choreographer and performer and her career has
spanned contemporary performances in leading Norwegian companies and
numerous musicals, as well as several larger televised productions such as
the Nobel peace price concert. Her choreographic works has been presented in Italy, Sweeden, U.S.A and Norway.
Aspaas was titled "Norwegian ambassador of dance 2014" . Aspaas is also a very sought after dance teacher and has been teaching across Norway, Sweeden, U.S.
She lives and works in Oslo, Norway.
Description of the class:
The danceclasses are thoroughly built up with a clear focus on teqcnique with the base of contemporary jazz and artistic expression. The warm up is rigorous with a strong focus on the core, also with a sensibility of lengthening the body and reaching into space. The main focus is on exploring the understanding of the tecnique set into movment where her strong sense of musicality and dynamics combined. She pushes the dancers prescense to the next level of reaching further into their artistry, looking for new levels through the passion of moving, with joy and always pushing forward.