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moderne du 11/11/2019 au 15/11/2019 avec BARONE Antonio
street jazz talons du 13/11/2019 au 14/11/2019 avec MARSHALL Yanis
street jazz talons du 17/11/2019 au 17/11/2019 avec MARSHALL Yanis
assouplissement du 17/11/2019 au 17/11/2019 avec BRAL Robert
contemporain du 17/11/2019 au 17/11/2019 avec NOUN Baya
hip hop new style du 17/11/2019 au 17/11/2019 avec KHDIRI Omar
moderne du 17/11/2019 au 17/11/2019 avec ESCUDIER Charlotte
technique graham du 17/11/2019 au 17/11/2019 avec MOLINA Rafael

G Madison

Since his first dance experience at 15, G has danced on television shows,
music videos and stages all over the world with artists such as CHAKA
onto the scene in Los Angeles, G has appeared on a variety of TV shows,
films, and commercials; Credits include: "The Grammys", McDonald’s
"McRIB", "So You Think You Can Dance", "America’s Got Talent",
"Dancing With The Stars", "The Voice", NBA ALL- STAR, "The Tyra
Banks Show".
Adding to his artistic abilities, G’s unique presence and energy shines through
his love of people through hosting. Along with emceeing live shows
throughout Southern Cali, he has put his B.A. degree in Broadcast
Journalism to work creating his own show, VARIETY CTY TV and as one of
the popular hosts of the dance community’s dance-news network, DANCE
G. Madison brings his inspiring and electric energy from the stage to the
classroom everywhere he goes. Whether he’s teaching in LA or working in
Internationally as creative director and choreographer for Japan’s #1 artist
and international superstar, CHE’NELLE, G manages to bridge the gap
between art, performance and creative growth. As a spokesperson for the
DANCING DIARIES (a journaling tool for dancers sold in studios and
schools nationwide), G is in the business of purposeful and positive growth,
through dance, music and other art forms. After teaching dance at a college
professor at CSULA, he’s continued on as faculty at dance conventions and
dance studios, including the ATHLETIC GARAGE, IDA HOLLYWOOD,
EDGE PAC and many other studios and dance companies around the world.
"Im LIVING MY LIFE LIKE ITS GOLDEN and always a work in
progress; so lets move!...ONWARD!" - G Madison IV

G's classes are all based around creating performers out of students and artists out of dancers through intense and focused training methods built to strengthen, motivate, and transform. With an emphasis on street and commercial dance styles, performance training is the link that G believes will grow his students to their next level. In these advanced classes G balances elements of FOCUS and FUN, CHALLENGE and PROGRESS, and WORK ETHIC and TALENT.