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Caroline Moussin Bonnin

Caroline began her dance education in 1972 with Mme Chadinoff and in 1974 she also began studying under Mme Gary at the Opéra House. Following this she studied with Mr Franchetti, M.G. Mayer and Mme Consoli.
In 1978, she continued her second level education at Collège O. Greard then at Lycee Racine. Her education programme had specially arranged hours for artists of music and dance, allowing her to continue her daily classes with Mme N. Dehayes and Mme J. Finaert at the Paris Centre Studio and the Salle Pleyel.
1978 and 1979- First prize for classical dance following a unanimous descision at the French Stage Contest. The Chaptal Academy with M.D. Franck, teacher at the Paris Opera House.
Following this Caroline took part in numerous events, notably in England at the London Festival Ballet.
From 1980,she took part in several classical and neo-classical concerts around Europe.
In 1981, she played the leading role in the Michel Berger musical “Celle qui danse”
In 1982, she auditioned and was chosen by Thierry Le Luron for the leading female rome in the film “Cache-Cache”.
In 1989, she moved to the United States, spending time in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles and teaching for several years in Florida. From 1990 to 1996, she worked for the development of classical dance at the “Body Motion” school in Miami.
In 2001, she relocated to France.
From 2003 she decided to invest her experience and modern approach to classical dance in the creation of “Temps’Dance” wich she directed from 2003 to 2013.
Since 2014 Caroline teaches classical dance at the “Studio 33” and prepares her students for national and international competitions.