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contemporain du 11/02/2019 au 15/02/2019 avec DESPLANTEZ Julien
contemporain du 11/02/2019 au 15/02/2019 avec PLANQUES Sibille
contemporain du 18/02/2019 au 22/02/2019 avec BOIDIN Anne Caroline
contemporain du 25/02/2019 au 01/03/2019 avec CAMACHO Emilie
moderne du 04/03/2019 au 08/03/2019 avec GRUTTADAURIA Alain
moderne du 11/03/2019 au 15/03/2019 avec GLOANEC Priska

Axel Coze

016: Trained in Paris at the Académie Internationale de la dance, where I ended my training in Hip-Hop, Modern Jazz, Contemporary and Classical Ballet.

2015: Encounter with choreographers Cain and Céline Kitsaïs with whom I participated to several projects.

2016: first contract as Acrobat in Disneyland Paris.

I have, at a later stage been asked to join the company « Emka », created by Mehdi Kerkouche, for the 2016/2017 season.

2017: choreographer for the dancer/acrobat company « Zodenco ».

Soloist dancer/Acrobat (which include horse ridding acrobatic skills) on the show « Métamorphose » that took place at the Château de Chantilly.

2018: Trampolinist at Disneyland Paris in the role of Peter Pan.

Class description:
My classes are not as much defined by a mixture of styles but influences. We are all influenced by an energy. In my class, come as you are, with YOUR own personal energy. Mine is inspired by all the different energies I got the opportunity to learn from and love throughout my training also carrying on to this day.