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modern'jazz du 14/03/2019 au 26/07/2019 avec AGUILAR Dorine
street jazz du 25/03/2019 au 16/05/2019 avec DA VEIGA Andy
contemporain fusion du 01/04/2019 au 05/04/2019 avec COLENO Lionel
contemporain du 08/04/2019 au 12/04/2019 avec BJERREGAARD Jens
contemporain du 15/04/2019 au 19/04/2019 avec DESPLANTEZ Julien
moderne du 22/04/2019 au 26/04/2019 avec GRUTTADAURIA Alain
contemporain du 29/04/2019 au 03/05/2019 avec LIESTAL Nick

Duo Amanda & Tamara

Amanda Ogando is actress and Brazilian dancer currently living in Porto - Portugal working as a teacher and choreographer. Graduated in Contemporary Dance by the Angel Vianna Dance College in Rio de Janeiro (BRA) and technical training in Theater,has worked professionally since 2000, with an eclectic artistic career for his versatility of styles, worked in this artistic area as a playwright, creator, dancer, director and actress, she started her research on literal dance and contemporary fusion in 2015, the main approach of his research is to bring dance, speech, sensation and theater closer together. Co-creator of the Grupo Cuidado que Quebra, which started its work with the Moveis Imoveis show in 2014 (nominated for the Arlequim Award for Best Show at the 12 Theater Festival of Rio de Janeiro).It was part of the first professional show of Corpus Entre Mundos Dance Company (2012 - 2014), participated in commercials and novels in Brazil, as Malhação in 2015 (novel that aired on one of the main Brazilian broadcasters) and currently in Portugal the commercial Portugal, The Summer.