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modern'jazz du 14/10/2019 au 18/10/2019 avec REDHA
moderne du 21/10/2019 au 25/10/2019 avec PORTAL Carl
contemporain fusion du 22/10/2019 au 23/10/2019 avec KIS Juliana
technique graham du 21/10/2019 au 01/11/2019 avec CROWLEY William
moderne du 28/10/2019 au 01/11/2019 avec ESCUDIER Charlotte
moderne du 28/10/2019 au 31/10/2019 avec BRUNNER Valentin
modern'jazz du 28/10/2019 au 02/11/2019 avec CARAYON Laurie
contemporain fusion du 28/10/2019 au 01/11/2019 avec TONIOL Laura

Karim Beggar

Hello everyone ! I’m Karim Beggar. I’m a professional Hip Hop and Breakdance choreographer from Essonne, France (and also in other cities).
I started my career in dance with breakdance (acrobatic mouvements on the ground). Then I expanded and specialized my danse with hip hop (standing dance). Very quickly, I started to adopt the American style in my dance.
During my career, I had the opportunity to work at the academy of urban arts, with Bruno Berberes, director of casting the Voice. I was also able to do many trips to the United States and danced with the best dancers in the US, especially in the Millennium Dance Complex. Also, I was able to teach dance in a prison, which was a rich experience.
In Karim Beggar's classes, the music used will be very varied (ranging from street rap to boom bap music of the 80s) and don’t expect classical Hip hop classes. And with him, just one sentence :” create your world”