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barre au sol du 26/08/2019 au 30/08/2019 avec KEIKO
contemporain du 26/08/2019 au 30/08/2019 avec GALOPIN Alexandre
modern'jazz du 26/08/2019 au 31/08/2019 avec CARAYON Laurie
contemporain du 26/08/2019 au 31/08/2019 avec VAZQUEZ Lucía
classique du 26/08/2019 au 30/08/2019 avec BLITZ Floriane
moderne du 26/08/2019 au 31/08/2019 avec BRUNNER Valentin
contemporain fusion du 26/08/2019 au 30/08/2019 avec BJERREGAARD Jens
urban modern du 26/08/2019 au 31/08/2019 avec RIONDA Clémence

Florence Hoohs

Florence HOOHS is getting acquainted with different styles of dancing in France and abroad, with various dancers and choreographers. She settles down in Brussels and specializes in contemporary dancing and floor technique. She will teach there for 3 years and will then come back to France to join the Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse - Toulouse’s Higher Arts Institute - where she will pass her State Diploma as a teacher of contemporary dancing. She currently teaches at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental of Laval - Laval’s Departement Art Academy - in the Mayenne Departement.

Her pedagogy, both benevolent and rigorous, leads pupils to discover all the abilities they have, be it through technical work or via exploration and creation workshops. She plays with various proposals of management of the body weight, which makes it possible for them to find easiness and continuity in motion. They hence have the opportunity to claim and enjoy their own gestures. Half way between poetry and power, she blends a fluid and organic dancing to an active and sparkling energy. Her classes are composed of specific exercises of contemporary technique where the link with the floor is very present. Each class proposes exploratory moments and finishes with an ending sentence or a creating time.