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Lucía Vazquez

Dancer and choreographer from Seville, Spain.
Awarded as Best Dancer at Premios Lorca de las Artes Escénicas de Andalucía 2019 and 2013 -Lorca Awards of Performing Arts in Andalusia- and Premios Escenarios 2011 and 2015 -Stage Awards in Seville-.
As co-director of 'Flying Birds' was awarded in Seoul, South Korea, with the Festival
Award at the NDA International Festival 2017, 2nd Asian Solo & Duo Challenge for
After the studies at Centro Andaluz de Danza -Andalusian Dance Center- she began her first professional stage working with Manuela Nogales, Álvaro Frutos, Producciones Imperdibles, Cía. Bárbara Sánchez, Cía. La Pública and Cía. La Tarasca. And collaborating with Guillermo Weickert, Abrahan Hurtado and María J. Villar on tours around England, Holland, France and Spain.
Without completely leaving the Spanish companies, in this new stage is opening to the Asian circuit both with their own works and with collaborations with Satoshi Kudo, Nobuyoshi Asai, Saori Hala between others. With her latest creations she has visited India, South Korea, Macao and different cities in Japan.
Lucía is graduated in Contemporary Dance and in Design and Plastic Arts department of Fashion Stylism. Also she is certified Yoga and Pilates Mat/Pregnancy teacher.
Lucía Vázquez Dance Company based in Seville, Spain started in 2008 with the solo 'My feelings and My heart are for you' and 'Feather to Fire', two short pieces premiered at the Centro de las Artes in Seville.
In 2010, together with the dancer and choreographer Maria J. Villar, she founded the Colectivo Kuroi Co. Together they create 'Dress Code' (2010), Jury Prize at the I
National Capsule Competition held at the Arts Center of Seville; 'LOQUO' (2011),
premiered at Sala Turina and 'Eggs' (2013) her last piece as a collective, with 9 dancers on stage at the Maestranza Theater for Vertebration III.
After this period in 2015 she resumed her company creating 'Becoming Alone', a solo piece premiered at the Embassy of Peru in Tokyo; 'Crumpled' (2015) a duet with the Japanese Saori Hala, premiered at Mes de Danza Festival in Seville; 'Flying Birds' (2017) together with the Japanese Nobuyoshi Asai, with whom they win the NDA Festival Award, 2nd Asian Solo & Duo Challenge for Masdanza in Seoul, South Korea and with which they tour around different cities in Japan, South Korea and Macao.
In 2018 she presents the solo 'Inseparable' invited by Session House Tokyo; creates 'Dust Storm' and 'Lovebird' for 34 and 10 dancers respectively of the Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts in Bangalore, India. And in October of that same year he premiered 'MAZARI' at the Teatro Central in Seville, her first long work together with the acclaimed Japanese dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm, Satoshi Kudo.