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moderne du 09/12/2019 au 13/12/2019 avec PORTAL Carl
assouplissement du 15/12/2019 au 15/12/2019 avec BRAL Robert
claquettes du 15/12/2019 au 15/12/2019 avec BUTTERFLY Roxane
contemporain du 15/11/2019 au 15/11/2019 avec NOUN Baya
moderne du 15/12/2019 au 15/12/2019 avec ESCUDIER Charlotte
contemporain du 16/12/2019 au 20/12/2019 avec RIOCHE Antonin

Tobiah Booth - Remmers

Tobiah Booth-Remmers is an Australian dance artist who has taught and performed across
Australia, Europe and Israel. His workshop is highly physical, with grounded, powerful and raw movement that moves in and out of the floor with momentum and a strong sense of flow. His work is inspired by many different teachers as well as his own performance and creative practice.