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hip hop new style du 10/02/2020 au 22/02/2020 avec VR SEPT Hervé
street jazz talons du 20/02/2020 au 21/02/2020 avec MARSHALL Yanis
contemporain du 26/02/2020 au 26/02/2020 avec TAVORI Lior
moderne du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec PORTAL Carl
contemporain du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec DESPLANTEZ Julien
street jazz talons du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec REIS Pedro
classique du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec MATT Christopher
barre au sol du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec KEIKO

Nicolas Ventura

Nicolas Ventura was born in Guatemala, and raised in Vancouver, Canada. He
received his Bachelor of Arts from the Rambert School of Ballet and
Contemporary Dance in the United Kingdom, followed by joining Batsheva
Dance Company - The Young Ensemble.
Since 2015, Nicolas has worked with international choreographers such Ohad
Naharin, Sharon Eyal , Roy Assaf & Idan Sharabi.
Nicolas has created original choreographic works on dance companies,
television shows, and his own projects. He has also created short works for
young artists from conservatories/colleges such as the The Juilliard School and
the University of Southern California.
He now continues to develop himself as a dancer, creator, and teacher. Nicolas
leads classes and workshops for the dance community internationally