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Alexey Torgunakov

Alexey Torgunakov - Dancer / Choreographer / Teacher

Alexey Torgunakov studied at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography
and started his career in 2004 at the Bolshoi Theater of Russia. Later, in 2013 he
joined the Provincial Dances Theatre in Yekaterinburg city (company of contemporary dance in Russia).
Since the seasons 2014-2015 Alexey joined to Bytomski Teatr Tańca i Ruchu
ROZBARK (Poland).
Since 2018, Alexey teaches of contemporary dance technique at the State Ballet School in Bytom (Poland).
Alexey has worked with choreographers such as Maciej Kuźmińcki, Angelin Preljocaj, Anna Piotrowska, Ivgi & Greben, Cecilia Moisio, Tatiana Baganova, Alexei Ratmansky, Jiri Kylian, Roland Petit, Yuri Grigorovich, Natalia Shirokova etc.
Winner of the contest "International Dance Competition Hellas" 2007 (Athens, Greece).
In 2016 Alexey with Oleg Stepanov was nominated for Golden Mask (Russian National Theater Award) as a choreographer of performance «All that I can be».
In 2018 Alexey with Oleg Stepanov was nominated for Golden Mask (Russian National Theater Award) as a choreographer of performance «Object in a distance».
Alexey is very active as a teacher. He conducts classes and workshops in Poland and abroad.
He teaches contemporary dance technique, ballet dance technique, floor work technique and improvisation.

Description of the workshop - Contemporary dance by Alexey Torgunakov -

This is physically active class, which includes floor combinations with combination in the space and improvisation. Exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscular corset of the body, with the building of connections and coordination between the peripheral parts of the body with center of the body.
As a teacher and dancer, I'm interested in the physical presence of the participants of my workshop in what we study and do. In addition to how the participants of the workshop exercise the given combinations and qualities, I also care about the mental activity and awareness of what they are doing and how. It is interesting for me to awaken the inner process of action of the performers, to direct them to
the sensation of some infinite flow that brings the body in motion. Throughout of all the workshop, we will try to remain as involved as possible in the process. It is important for me that these skills and knowledge, which we will learn, the participants of the workshop could use in their future dance life.
The dance technique I teach is based on the experience that I have and it develops all the time. I have knowledge about classical ballet dance, which I received at the beginning of my career being an artist of the Bolshoi Ballet. Later I had the opportunity to work in France with the choreographer Angelin Preljocaj,
who is one of the pioneers of contemporary dance in France. Then, while working at the Provincial Dances Theater (the main theater of contemporary dance in Russia), I studied the free floating dance technique which has a connection with the gaga dance technique for example, or free coordination dance technique
with the activization of strong physical body, and also technique of butto. Today I am a dancer of the Rozbark Dance Company in Bytom where I learned Polish dance technique. All of these listed dance techniques this is my dancing education, which with great desire I share with my students during my workshops. By the way here also comes the expirience of inspirations which I receiving very often when I
visiting different masterclasses of dance and art performances.