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classique du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec MATT Christopher
barre au sol du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec KEIKO

Michaël Cassan

Born In France, Michael CASSAN has danced in prestigious musical such as Gladiator, Peter Pan, The little Mermaid, as well as commercials, concerts, fashion shows and other performance happenings.
His work also includes roles in european companies such as Ballets Temps d'Aime Company.
He performed works created by Stephan Loras, Vincent Ansart, Sebastien Savin. Michael holds the french equivalent of BFA in dance and gratuated from both Studio Harmonic and National center of dance. As soon as the gratuated, Michael Cassan started to teach classes in the most prestigious studios in Paris such as Studio Harmonic. Michael has also gave worships in Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Ajaccio, Paris, Bruxelles, Italy…
In 2007, Michael CASSAN founded the dance collective: The Michael CASSAN's company. His company find his inspired by his versatile dancers and subtly combines theater performance. Michael’s warm up focuses on the body as a whole and in motion, with emphasis on building core strength and fluidity. Michael has developed his own philosophy and approach to movement. He has created a unique movement style focusing on fluidity transitions, abandon, circulations, risks and weight. His phrases are like a dialogue punctuated with variations of energy allowing the dancer to find his own freedom of movement and interpretation.