Children’s lessons

School year 2016-2017

  • Registrations :
    Registrations will be carried out in situ, or online from June , Wednesday 15th 2016.

    For in situ registrations, please take along the 3 cheques corresponding to the 3 quarters.

    In case of online registration, please come along with your order confirmation and 2 cheques for the 2 remaining quarters.
  • Information :
    Registrations are valid only after a complete payment.

    Each cheque is cashed at the beginning of each quarter (September, January and April).
  • Each started trimester is due in its entirety.

    If a class is signaled as exhausted, pleace come at the Studio for confirmation.
  • Re-entry :
    September, Tuesday 13th or Wednesday 14th 2016.
  • Prices :

    Children’s trimester:

    • 1 hour class :

    140€ + 20€ of annual membership

    • 1h30 class :

    160€ + 20€ of annual membership