Upcoming classes of Street Jazz

Wednesday 19 September

10/14 year olds

Charlotte BARET

16h - 17h30 Room F

Wednesday 19 September

All Levels


19h - 20h30 Room F

All classes of Street Jazz

Christopher Almodovar

Friday 19h All Levels

Nathaly Arocas

Tuesday 19h All Levels

Charlotte Baret

Wednesday 16h 10/14 year olds

Andy Da Veiga

Monday 17h30 Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Wednesday 17h30 Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Thursday 17h30 Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Friday 17h30 Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Natsuko Ferguson

Thursday 19h All Levels

Saturday 17h30 All Levels

Mehdi Kerkouche

Wednesday 20h30 Beginner

Delphine Lemaitre

Monday 20h30 All Levels

Thursday 20h30 All Levels

Jessica Magnon

Monday 16h All Levels


Wednesday 19h All Levels

Saturday 14h30 All Levels

Emilie Simon

Thursday 19h All Levels