The Studio’s History

1988 : Opening …
Over 30 years old already !!!!!!!!!!

2012 : Studio Harmonic becomes  famous in the world of dance as the biggest artistic center for novices and professionals alike, where several generations of dancers are mixed up in an exceptional atmosphere.

Made up of eight studios that cover over 1000m2

Plus a training programme that prepares young dancers for the dance teacher’s state diploma every year.

Studio Harmonic is constantly evolving. It is at the cutting edge of dance thanks to new teachers that come and give lessons in innovative dance styles and new techniques, whilst always keeping in mind the essential bases of dance.

It gives opportunities for future choreographers to teach and share their art and passion. It has been a springboard for several teachers that have gone on to communicate their techniques and skills all over the world.

Our main goal is to guide our dancers paths, whilst assuring the best work conditions, whether they be novices and professionals.

We like to be attentive to students’ needs so that we can continue to improve the quality of the Studio. That’s why we insist on giving them a wide range of styles and disciplines: ballet, modern dance, contemporary, jazz, tap dance, hip hop, salsa, African dance, Oriental dance, Spanish dance, Tango, yoga, floor barre, singing all with world famous teachers.

Workshops are organised every week and during the school holidays, with famous choreographers.

Numerous children and teenagers come every Wednesday to discover the world of dance! We succeed in teaching them with both strictness and fun.
Studio Harmonic is a meeting place for dancers and gives them room to work and practice, it’s a place of culture, connection and work where you can develop friendships and solidarity.

Passion, enthusiasm, solidarity and friendship are the values established by the founders : Jean Pierre Reyes, Jean Yves Lamboley and Patrick Fonteneau , they insure that these values haven’t changed over time.

Thanks to all the teachers that maintain that warm and open mentality!