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22/03/2018 - 16:31

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Contemporary dance is a dance performance genre that was developed during the mid twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. The idea was to be freed of classical dance codes (Ballets Russes).

Nowadays, it has obviously evolved but keeps its fundamental objectives. It focuses on body expression and links between body and soul. Space, matter, body possibilities are developed. Students will work on weight, muscular tension or “relâché”.

Teachers can leave room to improvisation (which is a fundamental of contemporary creation).


Upcoming classes of Contemporary

Friday 03 February

Intermediate - Advanced


11h - 12h30 Room A

Friday 03 February



12h30 - 14h Room F

All classes of Contemporary

Lionel Ah-sou

Monday 14h Intermediate - Advanced

Stéphanie Chatton

Tuesday 12h30 Pre Intermediate - Intermediate

Julien Desplantez

Monday 20h30 Pre Intermediate

Tuesday 20h30 Beginner

Gaëlle Gillieron

Tuesday 14h Intermediate - Advanced


Saturday 10h Pre Intermediate

Martine Lacroix

Friday 16h Pre Intermediate

Saturday 13h Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Lisa Langlois

Friday 15h30 Intermediate - Advanced

Corinne Lanselle

Monday 15h30 Intermediate - Advanced

Tuesday 15h30 Intermediate - Advanced

Wednesday 15h30 Intermediate - Advanced

Thursday 15h30 Intermediate - Advanced

Maeva Loureiro

Sunday 14h30 Pre Intermediate

Serena Moccafighe

Wednesday 12h15 9/12years old

Wednesday 13h15 11/13 years old

Wednesday 14h30 6/8 year olds

Wednesday 15h30 4/5 year olds

Friday 12h30 Beginner

Baya Noun

Monday 14h30 Pre Intermediate

Thursday 12h Pre Intermediate

Sarah Pernon Garcia

Monday 13h Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Olga Plaza

Sunday 14h30 12/15 years

Nathalie Pubellier

Monday 11h Intermediate - Advanced

Tuesday 11h Intermediate - Advanced

Wednesday 11h Intermediate - Advanced

Thursday 11h Intermediate - Advanced

Friday 11h Intermediate - Advanced