Frequently asked questions


How to register to Studio Harmonic ?

Registrations are carried out at any period of the year, in situ at Studio Harmonic (5 passage des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris) or via online payment (where you can buy or renew your classes’s tickets).

We strongly recommend to come and try a class before enrolling in, in order to dertermine your level and choose adapted class(es).

What about the prices ?

You can come and take only one class : it does not commit you to anything and allows you to try out a class. Studio Harmonic also proposes cards of courses : you just need to choose the appropriate program for you (limited in validity).

No yearly, half-yearly or monthly subscription, only 35€ annual membership to add to books of classes.

  • 1 lesson= 18€ (valid one time, no membership required)
  • 10 lessons = 140€ (valid for 3 months)
  • 20 lessons = 240€ (valid for 5 months)
  • 50 lessons = 520€ (valid for 6 months)

What are the different methods of payment ?

You may pay by cheque, cash or card.

We also accept sport coupons and holiday cheques.

Intertainment industry’s emplyees can ask AFDAS for coverage.

Dance classes

How do I keep informed of Studio's next classes ?

Go to the schedule (“Classes” link in the navigation) to have an overview of daily classes.

You can also select a style or a teacher to refine your research.

How to attend a class that does not accept tickets ?

Most of our classes accept tickets : for others, you just need to directly pay concerned teacher who applies his/her own prices.

Does Studio Harmonic propose lessons trials ?

We strongly recommend to come and try a class before enrolling in, in order to dertermine your level and choose adapted class(es).

These courses cost 18€ for 1h30.

How to know if a class is full ?

No courses or classes are under reservation. You are free to come when you wish. Consequently, it is not possible to foresee the amount of students for each class.

For some classes, try to come minutes early.

How do I know my level at dancing ?

Not easy to determine, we advise you to try out classes. Do prefer a level slightly lower that you estimate.

Your first class will allow you to examine yourself and find your level.

Room rental

Is it possible to rent a room ? How ?

We have 8 rooms, from 40 to 180 m², that you may rent providing that they are available : you may find photos and descriptions here.

For more information (prices, availability) feel free to mail us or call us, dialing : 01 48 07 13 39.

What are the conditions to rent a room ?

We only ask one thing : respect the room and the material. You may be a group of dancers, a couple, a film crew or an association, we will answer you needs as well as we can.

How do I know if a room is available for rental ?

Our 8 rooms can be rent for personal or professional trainings. To know if a room is available, please, mail us or call us, dialing : 01 48 07 13 39.

Dance courses

What the courses consist in ?

Every week, Studio Harmonic invites a famous teacher to come and teaches from monday to Friday between 12:30 to 2 pm.

We are also open almost every Sunday and we organise big courses during each period of scholar holiday.

How to subscribe to courses ?

As for classes, there is no need to book any course. You just need to come 15 minutes before the course starts to pay for it at the reception.

How much does a course cost ?

1h30 : 17 € or 1 ticket.

2h : 23 € or 1 ticket + 5 €.

2h30, : 28 € or 1 ticket + 9 €.

3h : 34 € or 2 tickets.

3h30 : 39 € or 2 tickets + 5 €.

4h : 45 € or 2 tickets + 9 €.

Training course

How do I register for training course ?

A registration form can be downloaded here (“Training course” link in the navigation).

Fill it in and return it with therequired documents. You can also come directly to give us the documents.

What documents do I need to register ?

You will find the list of required documents here (“Training course” link in the navigation). For more information feel free to mail us or call us, dialing : 01 48 07 13 39.

What is the school's program ?

All pieces of information about the different programs are available here (“Training course” link in the navigation).

We will greet you with pleasure at the Studio for more information.

Is it possible to bemefit a learning grant ?

You may ask directly the CROUS.

For more information feel free to mail us or call us, dialing : 01 48 07 13 39.


Does Studio Harmonic organise private events ?

We propose group courses or private lessons for hen party. Send us your needs by mail.

How to share a casting in the Studio ?

As Studio Harmonic is a place where numerous professionals come to train, we leave a board where we pin all auditions we receive.

If you want to send us an audition, mail us all important pieces of information (date, place, fees, profile…).

Is it possible to do a shooting / report at Studio Harmonic ?

For any kind of report, mail us with as much precision as possible (with dates), we will try to answer as fast as we can.

I want to contact a teacher / learn more about a teacher : How ?

To get information about a teacher, don’t hesitate to go on his / her profile in which you can read the biography, watch the videos, etc.

Yo can also come and meet the teacher at the Studio before or after a class, or even send us a mail that we may transfer.

Can I apply to a job / internship at Studio Harmonic ?

You can apply by mail (Résumé, videos, photos, portfolio…).

Come and see us

5, passage des taillandiers
75011 Paris

Tel: 01 48 07 13 39
Fax: 01 49 23 40 43

Opening hours

Du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 23h
Le samedi de 9h30 à 19h
Le dimanche de 14h à 19h