Training course

Information about state diploma

1. Exam for Technical Ability

Enrolment (personal choice of the candidate) :

The application file has to be taken from the Direction Regionale des Affaires Culturelles (DRAC). The candidate has to ask the file, fill it and sent it back with all documents before the deadline.
At the reception of the file the DRAC will send an enrolment certificate, an audio CD and a DVD of the imposed variation and a notification 15 days before the audition.

Preparation for the EAT

The student from the training center (after admission at the audition) begins his training according to timetable set by the school director. Workshops and trainings for the exam variations are part of the technical classes. The student has to attend all classes and in its full time length.

Test for the EAT

  • Compulsory Variation
    Variation imposed by the Ministère de la Culture from 1 minute 30 to 3 minutes maximum.
  • Free Variation
    The candidate will present a personal variation from 1 minute 30 to 3 minutes with its music and using the basis of the chosen option (contemporary, jazz or classical).
  • Improvisation
    The candidate will improvise a 30 seconds to 1 minute enchainement according to the jury’s decision.
  • Interview
    The jury will interview the candidate.

2. Unités de Valeur


After succeeding at the EAT, the DRAC delivers a livret de formation (on the candidate’s demand). L’école de formation will deal with all the inscription to the exams and will provide the students with the convocations for the tests. In order to attend the exams the candidate would have to get at least a 10 at the EAT.

Preparation for the UV

The student will have to attend all theory classes and also 50 technical classes per term in order to perfect its formation.

UV Tests

  • Musical Formation
    Interview: Analysis of a work of the program; rythmical reading and basic musical notion; memorize and embodied transcription.
    Test length: 25 to 30 minutes.
  • History of dance
    Writing test: dissertation on a subject of the program; 10 questions about basic knowledge.
    Test length: 3 hours.
  • Anatomy- Physiology
    Interview: Subject drawn randomly by the student dealing about its knowledge of functional anatomy and physiology.
    Test length: 15 minutes + 30 minutes of preparation.

3. UV of pedagogy


The candidate has to justify its success to 3 theoreticals UV. L’école de formation is in charge of organising the exam and convoking the jury. It enrols and convokes the candidats.

Preparation for the UV of pedagogy

The student has to attend all classes:

  • Pedagogy according to the option,
  • AFCMD,
  • Psycho pedagogy,
  • Awakening-initiation,
  • Master links with music
  • 50 technical dance classes per term.

Tests for the UV of pedagogy

  • A 30 mins awakening class (for 4 to 6 years old) or initiation (for 6 to 8 years old) in the chosen option.
  • A 40 mins technical class in the chosen option.
  • A 30 mins interview with the jury.

Dancer training

Dates of the training

Start of the year: Monday October 6th 2014

End of the year: June 2015


100€ for enrolment

4300€ for the year of the training

  • Hours per week: 22h30
  • Training for two years

1st cycle same as the advanced level

Monday to Friday from 9.15am to 2pm

2nd cycle  same as the medium level

Monday to Friday from 2pm to 7pm

Training content

3 classes every day for all levels

  • Technical improvement for classical, jazz and contemporary basis
  • Improvisation and composition workshop
  • Creation workshop (stage presentation)
  • Decomposition of choreography by the choreographer and its company
  • Singing and vocal techniques applied to dance
  • Functionnal analysis of the human body in dance movement
  • Workshops with guest teachers
  • Preparation for the EAT for the students in 1st cycle
  • End of term exam

Admission audition

3 classes of one hour in classical, jazz and contemporary dances

Dates :

  • Saturday May 3rd 2015, at 5.30pm
  • Saturday June 20th 2015, at 5.30pm
  • Saturday September 5th 2015 at 2.30pm and 5.30pm (to decide which class 1 year or 2 years)

This audition enables us to judge the level of the students and establish a ranking list according to the technical level.

Beginners are not accepted at the audition.

The student enrolled at the “école de formation” (after admission at the audition) starts its training according to a timetable set by the director.

Workshops and stages of preparation for the variations of the exams are added to the technical classes.

The student has to attend all classes in its full length.

The EAT is prepared for the training of 1st cycle dancer. The level required corresponds to the level achieved by the students of the “Conservatoires Nationaux” or the “Ecoles nationales de musique et de danse” at the end of secondary cycle.

Stage Training

Concerned Public

Stage training is open to professional and future professional jazz and contemporary dancers.

The EAT is prepared during this course. The training is compatible with enrolment in the theoretical and pedagogy classes.

Dates of the training

Start of the year: Tuesday November 4th 2014

Daily Schedule

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9am to 11am

Wednesday from 9am to 12


100€ for enrolment 3370€ for the year of training (includes 150 dance lessons)

Hours per week: 9 hours

Hours per year: 158 hours

Training aim

The aim of this section is to create a creativity research and experimentation group through the encounters and exchanges that take place during the sessions.

Enrolment formalities

3 classes of one our in classical, jazz and contemporary dances


  • Saturday May 24th 2014, 5.30pm
  • Saturday June 21st 2014, 5.30pm
  • Saturday September 6th 2014, 2.30pm Enrolment compulsory and free This section will be opened depending on the number of people who sign up.

Unités de valeur théoriques

Unités de valeur théoriques
(Après l’obtention de l’EAT)

Dates de la formation :

UV formation musicale : 13 Septembre 2016
UV anatomie : Date de rentrée à préciser
UV histoire de la danse : Date de rentrée à préciser

Tarifs 2016/2017

Inscription : 100€

Horaires Tarifs UV Cours de danse Total à l’année
Formation musicale – 100h
  • Mardi de 10h à 12h
  • Vendredi de 9h à 12h
 1.880 €  1.410 € 3.290 € 
Histoire de la danse – 50h Jeudi : 9h30 – 12h30  1.190 €   1.410 € 2.600 € 
Anatomie / Physiologie – 60h Lundi : 11h30 – 14h30  1.130 €  1.410 € 2.740 € 
Forfait 3 UV  3.200 €  1.410 € 4.610 € 

Les élèves sont contrôles régulièrement sous forme d’examens blancs.
Les résultats sont consignés dans un dossier qui suit l’élève jusqu’aux examens.
Inscription obligatoire : cf fiche d’inscription page 15.

Professeurs de la formation

  • UV Anatomie :

Yvonne PAIRE

  • UV Histoire de la danse :

Philippe Verrièle

  • UV Musique :

Florence HUYCHE

Catherine BROS


Pedagogy Training

Pedagogy (after achieving 3 UV)

Dates of the training

from Monday October 13rd 2014 to June 2015

Enrolment: 100€

Price: 4.440 € (includes 150 dance lessons)

Organization of the work time :

  • Analysis of the movement – 80 hours
  • Theoretical teaching – 120 hours
  • Pratices teaching – 200 hours


AFCMD : Yvonne Paire

Contemporary : Corinne Lanselle and Sophie Daviet

Jazz : Sylvie Duchesne

Children pedagogy : Sophie Ardillon

Voice : Alvina Lanselle