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contemporain du 09/03/2020 au 13/03/2020 avec DESPLANTEZ Julien
moderne du 09/03/2020 au 13/03/2020 avec BARLETTA Alberto
moderne du 16/03/2020 au 20/03/2020 avec PORTAL Carl
contemporain du 23/03/2020 au 27/03/2020 avec LESCURE Frédéric
contemporain du 06/04/2020 au 10/04/2020 avec GALOPIN Alexandre
technique horton du 14/04/2020 au 17/04/2020 avec VILLAIN Vanessa
contemporain du 20/04/2020 au 23/04/2020 avec DESPLANTEZ Julien
contemporain du 27/04/2020 au 30/04/2020 avec MOLINO Manuel


Classical dance is a widely open discipline. It can be adapted to professional or novice person, of any age. Pejudices can toldly be forgotten, everyone can do classical dance. Above all, the classical dance class is a moment of relaxation and delight. This art is often compared to grace, smoothness, lightness and holding.

To reach that fluency, you will learn technical basis, the simple and the more complex ones, and appropriate vocabulary. These learnings are useful in all dancing styles.


Upcoming classes of Classical

Saturday 14 March



10h - 11h30 Room B

Saturday 14 March

Beginner - Pre - Intermediate


10h - 11h30 Room G

All classes of Classical

Brice Bardot

Tuesday 11h30 Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Tuesday 13h Beginner

Thursday 16h Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Thursday 19h Beginner

Wayne Byars

Monday 11h Intermediate - Advanced

Monday 14h Intermediate - Advanced

Tuesday 11h Intermediate - Advanced

Tuesday 14h Intermediate - Advanced

Tuesday 19h Pre Intermediate

Wednesday 11h Intermediate - Advanced

Wednesday 14h Intermediate - Advanced

Wednesday 19h Pre Intermediate

Thursday 11h Intermediate - Advanced

Thursday 14h Intermediate - Advanced

Thursday 19h Pre Intermediate

Friday 11h Intermediate - Advanced

Friday 14h Intermediate - Advanced

Sabine Charrat

Saturday 10h Intermediate

Grégory Cianci

Thursday 9h30 Pre Intermediate - Intermediate

Lucienne Denance

Monday 14h30 Intermediate

Tuesday 14h30 Intermediate

Thursday 14h30 Intermediate

Cathy Laymet

Wednesday 19h Beginner

Thursday 20h30 Beginner

Friday 19h Pre Intermediate - Intermediate

Saturday 14h30 Beginner

Sunday 16h30 Beginner

Aude Lomenech

Saturday 14h30 Beginner

Sunday 16h30 Beginner

Marie Perruchet

Monday 9h30 Beginner

Monday 11h30 Pre Intermediate

Monday 19h Pre Intermediate

Wednesday 11h Beginner

Olga Plaza

Saturday 10h15 4/5 year olds

Saturday 11h30 6/7 year olds

Saturday 12h30 7/8 year olds

Saturday 13h30 9/13 year olds

Julie Schepens

Monday 16h Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Tuesday 16h Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Tuesday 17h30 8/10 year olds

Wednesday 12h30 4/6 year olds

Wednesday 13h30 6/8 year olds

Wednesday 14h30 8/10 year olds

Wednesday 16h 10/13 years old

Wednesday 17h30 13 years old and over

Thursday 13h Beginner

Friday 10h Beginner

Alice Valentin

Thursday 11h30 Pre Intermediate - Intermediate

Saturday 10h Beginner - Pre - Intermediate

Saturday 11h30 Pre Intermediate - Intermediate