Yanis Marshall

Yanis Marshall is there to create change and reinvent his art. His characteristic is to be one of the few men in France to dance and offer dance classes in heels, both for girls and boys. And when he is asked » Why the heels? » He replies simply, » Why not? « . More than that, the heels are his favorite accessory in dance. It is also a way to show us that he fully accepts himself and does not impose any limit to his creativity. Like his idol, the sultry Madonna, he likes to challenge the established codes.
Known to have a strong and outspoken personality, he is a young man full of ambition, one that leads his career by taking his own decisions.
We will quickly understand how he is today, one of the youngest choreographers and dance teachers from Paris!
Yanis Marshall has recently work with French television (M6 & W9) For a talent show "La Meilleure Danse"
And with many Artist such as Jolin Tsai, Jenifer, Lorie ...

Street Jazz style is influenced by a very contemporary pop music (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears) combining different energies. A true blend of Hip-Hop and Jazz, where energy is highly important. Yanis’ teaching approach is influenced by the American taste for hard work and entertainment.
After a good cardio training based warm-up (stretching, bums and tums) let’s get into the move and not forget to bring some kneepads!!!
In a dynamic and wildly uninhibited atmosphere, the purpose here is to have fun, to feel free and to be able to say Goodbye to inhibitions.
Let’s step front stage under the spotlight and show how sexy you can be!
To sum it up it’s a course in the spirit of the times influenced by great choreographers as Sheryl Murakami, Bobby Newberry or Miguel Zarate. A class not to be missed by those with energy to spare!

In tune with the times and very sexy, Heel's Class is a unique course.
One of the rare to be given in Paris (Auditions training). Inspired by the greatest cabarets and musicals (Crazy Horse, Chicago) And Jonte'
Body posture has a primal importance there, that’s why everyone has to wear high heels shoes...and no exceptions for Boys!
Stretching, bums and tums are on the Warm-up menu to shape up the lines of your body before starting in a typical Yanis « glam and shine » mood!

Lyrical Jazz style is not to be confused with the Modern Jazz. Here, we oscillate between Ballet, Modern, and Jazz techniques.
This is a choreographic work highly technical which is mixing musicality and rhythm.
The aesthetics of pure Movement, elegance and shades are key points to this course. After a 45 minutes of jazz bar dedicated to personal technique development, the class gets to choreographic work where dance is all about airiness... But also with a big focus on the interpretation! Orchestral arrangements as Alanis Morissette or Adele themes and songs
(And a lot more!) are used to accompagny you meanwhile.