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modern'jazz du 03/06/2019 au 24/06/2019 avec DIAL Joséphine
contemporain du 03/06/2019 au 07/06/2019 avec CANNATA Elita
Array du 11/06/2019 au 14/06/2019 avec AGAR Yoan
contemporain du 17/06/2019 au 21/06/2019 avec LIESTAL Nick
modern'jazz du 17/06/2019 au 21/06/2019 avec AGAR Yoan
contemporain du 24/06/2019 au 28/06/2019 avec MIKA Peter
moderne du 25/06/2019 au 26/06/2019 avec FUNES Diego
contemporain du 18/06/2019 au 28/06/2019 avec CHATTON Stéphanie

Sirhan Djezzar

The passion of martial arts livens him up since more of 30 years. During all theses years, it allowed him to discover the world of the high level as competitor French championship, until now, to be at National Trainer of the Technical French team. Sirhan DJEZZAR met Corinne LANSELLE in the 80s. She transmitted to him the passion of the dance and the wonderful world of the live performance. This exchange allowed him to work in big shows as dancer / acrobat / comedian as well as choreographer and assisting director in the show STARMANIA.