Serena Moccafighe

Serena Moccafighe is italian and started to take dance classes at a very young age, in her hometown Sanremo. She becomes, at the age of 13, a member of the Milan’s Academy « Cruisin’ ».
Back to her hometown Sanremo, she starts to dance with the company « Dance in Motion » and wins lots of competitions, in Rome, Milan, Turin, Riccione.
In 2011 she leaves Italy for Paris, where she gets her teacher graduation in 2015.
The same year, her show « Stai al Passo » in Sanremo is such a success she’s been asked for new dates, making her name well known in Italy. Smiling and full of
energy, Serena knows how to lead her students thanks to her pedagogy based on sharing and enjoying dancing.