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acrobaties du 11/11/2018 au 16/12/2018 avec RAUL "Le Clown Brésilien"
moderne du 12/11/2018 au 16/11/2018 avec RIONDA Clémence
cabaret talons du 16/11/2018 au 16/11/2018 avec EBONY Tenille
classique du 12/11/2018 au 16/11/2018 avec MATT Christopher
modern'jazz du 18/11/2018 au 18/11/2018 avec ANSART Vincent
moderne du 18/11/2018 au 18/11/2018 avec BRUNNER Valentin
assouplissement du 18/11/2018 au 18/11/2018 avec BRAL Robert
contemporain du 19/11/2018 au 23/11/2018 avec CANNATA Elita

Natalia Catanea

Natalia Catanea, From Argentina, Living in Vienna, Austria. Dancer and Teacher in Aerial Silk & Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Theater, Corporal Expression / Director, Teacher and Owner IMHERE Vienna.
Natalia has experience in the fields of physical theater, acrobatics, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, body language, and aerial contemporary silk dance.

Her avid interest in dance and art, and especially by the conscious and exploring capabilities of the body led to the practice of all these activities movement. Natalia completed her certification in aerial Silk and contemporary dance , 6 years, in Santa Fe, Argentina. Her deep love for sharing aerial silk dance comes from a natural need to bring the principles of this dance to a place of interaction with others. Originally from Argentina. Lives in Austria, Vienna.#

Aerial Silk Dance Expression Method:

This method has its origins in a tecnique called “Aerial Silk Dance Expression. It was born in Santa Fé, Argentina. This method allows us to explore the space in the air and the space at the ground from a dancing perspective, with its multiple artistic and expressive possibilities.

Fusing the two levels as they are: earth and air, low and high. Giving us as a final result, a group dance, a contemporary and aerial Ballet. Preparing and opening as to the posibility of scenic performances and choreographic compositions. Regardless of having or not prior experience and where age is not an important factor.
In each training sesion, a work routine is created in which we will be developing:

Floor work: Alignment and muscle tone, stretching, figures, dance steps, combos, choreographies, body expression and dancing improvisation, comunication (gesture, contact).
Aerial Dance Techniques: high flights, low flights.
Sequences in the air: strenght and suspension.
Working with: Balance, inverts, contact–silk (land and air union), climbs, silks, trapeze, aerial hoop, sequences, aerial choreographies (ballet on the air), drops, dismount (body control and safety) and transitions.