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Baya Noun

Baya Noun began her dance education at the conservatory where she trained in classical and contemporary dance. Later, she diversified her practice (African, urban, modern dances) and discovered new territories (theatre, slam) in order to enrich her dance and create bridges between different worlds.

In 2013, she founded the company Amère Babel (Bille Rouge, Memento, Ma force e(s)t ma faiblesse, J’arrive en fuyant), with the focus on the relationship with oneself, with others and with the world. It is in this same vein that she created Dialogues Dansés in 2015, evenings of sharing around dance that combine the presentation of choreographic pieces and improvisation sessions open to all.

She teaches dance to various audiences and structures, in private and group classes. She develops a particular taste for improvisation, exploration and workshop work. She sees the dance class as a place of exchange that combines poetry and technical work, an invitation to enter into the dance movement, to develop one's body awareness to awaken sensations and body qualities.