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Naomi Okazaki

Naomi OKAZAKI , was born and grown up in Saitama next to Tokyo in Japan. She was a kid who loved dancing in her own way at anytime and everywhere. When she turned 18, she started to learn modern jazz, street jazz and hip-hop. Few years later she became an Hip-Hop instructor in Japan and danced for many artists in Tokyo such as Lloyd Banks. After countless showcases as a dancer and choreographer she moved to Los Angeles with the aim of learning and improving her skills. Over there she studied and absorbed the LA style’s dance, especially the "Ghetto Stiletto heels" dance (founded by Apollo Sa’deek).

Surrounded by so many positive and dynamic energies, she had performed regularly for many well-known dance showcases such as "Carnival Choreographers Ball", "Federal", "8th Wonder", "Poser". She also had the opportunities to dance as a backup dancer during live tour, commercials, TV shows and music video such for different artists such as DJ Rhiannon, Jasmine Villegas, Mr Vegas, RuPaul’s serie on Logo TV. She was a member of "Flirt" dance company (founded by Justine Mentor) and mainly had been dancing with high heels as a member of "Ghetto Stiletto Girls" (founded by Apollo Sa’’deek).

After 6 years of great experiences in Los Angeles, she and her French husband decided to move to Paris where she wants to share her love and passion for dance.

Her style is mixed with Ghetto Stiletto and girly Hip-Hop. In her Hip-Hop talons class, there is walking and posing exercise with free styling. A way for each person to find and to express their own style. "We all are different and have a different way to dance and to feel the music. The most important thing is to be yourself and to dance with happiness." The Hip-Hop talons class is welcome to everybody with or without heels, just come to have fun. Every Friday 17h30-19h.