Gaëlle Gillieron

Gaëlle trained in Ballet, modern'jazz, modern and contemporary techniques in Clermont-Ferrand meanwhile preparing an English Literature and Civilization degree at University (French as a Foreign Language specialization). She integrated PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine and passed the Dance Instructor Diploma in 1998.
She began to work as a dancer in Bordeaux with the choreographers Alain Gonotey / Cie Lullaby, Faizal Zeghoudi and the Cie Hors-Série, and trained with Christian Bourigault, Ingeborg Liptay, Jackie Taffanel, and Regine Chopinot and Dominique Dupuy at the Centre Chorégraphique National of La Rochelle. She moved to Paris and danced with Alfred Alerte, Jacky Achar / Cie Ph7, Martin Kravitz, as well as under the direction of Shelley Senter the repertory masterpiece Foray Forêt by Trisha Brown. She did several workshops, specially with Cie Emio Greco, Nasser Martin Gousset, Thomas Lebrun. More recently, she performed under the direction of Yannick Hugron for Hardi Magazine (motion photography - Rouchon Paris).
She created and directed the dance short film Corridor with the photographer Marc Guéret in 2013, starting there a personal writing research. Then she created several short choreographies (20 minutes) : Skins (quartet - 2015), Music Won’t Save You (created for 15 Nigerian dancers - Spanfest, Lagos, Nigeria - 2015), Slim Pickings (created for 1 dancer - 2016), Patterns (created for 12 dancers - 2016), Nocturne (quintet - 2017), Daïvas (created for 15 dancers - 2018).
She has been teaching amateur performance or professional training in different schools in Paris for years now, for dancers and actors : Studio Harmonic, Centre des Art Vivants, Studio HeartPoint, Les Enfants Terribles, Point Éphémère... She works as well for different educational projects : she was invited in 2017 by the artist Réjane Lhôte to work on the Architecture-Drawing-Dance program for students of the National University of Architecture in Paris at the Centre National de la Danse, in 2016 -17 by the Auditorium Ballet (Verona, Italy) for the Advanced Dance Training program, in 2015 by the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria (Lagos) for the 10th anniversary of their fest.

Contemporary / Flowability and physicality

The class usually begins with a floor work focusing on weight, availability and tonicity. Then a series of technical standing exercises follows, based on feet anchorage, center of gravity and alignment awareness and use, movement quality, to come up to a travelling spatial body, both wide and organic, sharp and released.

Floorwork / Ground connection and horizontal movement

The class evolves with continuous crossings deployed around simple elements that combine and complexize progressively. By exploring instinctive patterns and natural momentum, by using weight, spirals, body supports and breathing, we will seek to develop a flowing ground connection through different speeds and dynamics. Comfortable covering clothes required.