Leandre Tamba

Model / Dancer

Léandre TAMBA is a dancer and model of Senegalese origin, born in the French department of Var, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

His love for dance comes when his mother marries: he is hypnotized when he sees her enter a dance and dance. At the age of six, he wants to reproduce exactly the same thing. Since that day, Leander never stops dancing.

His dancing career began in 2007 in Paris with electro battles, a practice "sportivized" dance electro that promotes his creativity.

In 2009 he turned to the hiphop dance battles and specializes in house dance styles, newstyle, and especially krump. These improvisation competitions in hip-hop dance bring him to a high level.

He creates a choreography for the Just Dance Japan Games in 2013.

In 2015 during an afro house battle, he was spotted by Lionel who had the project to set up a pro dance group to perform, battles and clips,

In 2016, his group Invictus is contacted by the choreographer Guillaume Lorentz who needed dancers and sappers for the performance of Maître Gims (sapped as ever) for the victories of the music!

It was during this event that Léandre Tamba's career took off. That day he meets the choreographer of the French star Tal who offers to dance for her during his TV promotions. Since then many doors open for him and he can now live from his passion.

He makes video clips and participates in TV sets for Zaho / MHD, Maître Gims, DJ Assad, NRJ Music Awards, Telethon, Ubisoft's Just Dance video game for Nintendo's Wii, and more.

Today dancer for the largest Gospel training in the world, "Gospel for 100 Voices", with whom he has toured throughout France and Europe, clips and TV trays have no secret for him .

He also participated in the tour dates of actor / singer Jussie Smollett of the international hit series "Empire".

His cumulative experiences over the past 11 years as a dancer show his adaptability and his taste for teamwork.