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Julien Langlois

Julien’s first approach to dance was through Jazz and tap-dancing in Ajaccio- Corsica. He quickly took part into international competition and professional trainings.

At the age of 18, he began a 3 years professional training program in Cannes. For 3 years, he has enhanced his performance and technics in Modern Jazz but he has also discovered and worked on new disciplines such as Contemporary, Ballet and Cabaret.
During this time in Cannes, Julien worked hard at becoming a professional dancer and he soon got rewarded by signing his first contracts as a professional dancer.

He has been living in Paris for 3 years now. While pursuing is career, he has also widened his talent to contortion, which tremendously enriches his knowledge.
Today he travels the world working with international choreographers on special events and workshops in order to always improve his work and to polish his style.

Class description:
Julien sees his teaching method as a both way communication between him and people in his class. Each participant is able to express his individuality while being aware of his own bodywork. Julien’s work remains organic in order to reinforce the body while preserving its natural shape.

His artistic work relies on a mix of different styles of dance. By getting multiple influences, music, energies and emotions are set free in a way that everybody can feel and express their sensations and passion in their own way.