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moderne du 10/12/2018 au 14/12/2018 avec GRUTTADAURIA Alain
contemporain du 10/12/2018 au 14/12/2018 avec CHATTON Stéphanie
salsa lady styling du 16/12/2018 au 16/12/2018 avec THYA westinvybz
assouplissement du 16/12/2018 au 16/12/2018 avec BRAL Robert
moderne du 16/12/2018 au 16/12/2018 avec BRUNNER Valentin
contemporain du 17/12/2018 au 20/12/2018 avec VIALLEFOND Lucas
moderne du 07/01/2019 au 11/01/2019 avec GLOANEC Priska
contemporain du 14/01/2019 au 18/01/2019 avec KUDO SATOSHI

Andy Da Veiga

At the age of 10, Andy Da Veiga start to train in dance and showed a real passion for this beautiful art. He began his apprenticeship with the Modern Jazz, the Classical then he discovering all the urban dances such as Dancehall, Hip Hop, New Style, Jazz Funk etc ... In 2013 he met Nathalie Lucas and discovers the Street Jazz which one he fell in love. He trained at her side, following her through her many workshops throughout France. In September 2016, at only 17 years old, he obtained a job as a dance teacher in the Narbonne school "Studio 11". That
same year, he went to New York City at the Brodway Dance Center several times to deepen his artistic vocabulary by working alongside choreographers such as Shirlene Quigley, Emily Greenwell, Tricia Miranda, Miguel Zarate and Javier Ninja. Subsequently, he decided to be focus at more than 100% on his career as a dancer, and it was only at the age of 18 that he flew six months for intensive training in California. This experience has allowed him to assist choreographers such as Hamilton Evans, Dana Alexa, but also to work with others teacher like
Jojo Gomez and Nika Kljun. During these few months, he also had the opportunity to dance for the singer Alysson Stoner and to choreograph a piece for the Club Poser. He will end his trip in Los Angeles with a contract at the Clear Talent dance agency. Recently returning to Paris in search of new experiences, Andy has a desire to share his knowledge and learn more.