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hip hop new style du 10/02/2020 au 22/02/2020 avec VR SEPT Hervé
street jazz talons du 20/02/2020 au 21/02/2020 avec MARSHALL Yanis
contemporain du 26/02/2020 au 26/02/2020 avec TAVORI Lior
moderne du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec PORTAL Carl
contemporain du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec DESPLANTEZ Julien
street jazz talons du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec REIS Pedro
classique du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec MATT Christopher
barre au sol du 24/02/2020 au 28/02/2020 avec KEIKO

Stefania De Giosa

Classes always start with a warm-up inspired by the principles of release technique, yoga and floor work. The class work then develops into different kinds of sequences characterized by a continuous intertwining of emotions and sensations, experiencing the freedom to use either various modern dance techniques (like Cunningham or Horton), even including ballet , or Release, Contact, Improvisation, Floor work and Tai Chi, all combined with a research on body weight, tension and release, suspension, momentum, swing, fall and recover, in a continuous perception of fluidity of the movement with a particular attention to the music. In this way we can experience a mixture of genres that all together find a logic in the listening to the gesture that can arise spontaneously, to be then supported by the laws of movement, without ever being trapped.
Each class is created by itself, translating the work into the result of the human encounters that take place in it, respecting the emotions and individualities of everybody.
Moments of improvisation and composition are often included. There could be also moments of "listening" of the same participants towards the classmates, in order to be able to identify in the gestural expressions of the other, known parts of themselves and parts of themselves still to be sought and eventually explored.